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 NEXT CONCERTS! - [2008-02-02]
Hidden in Eternity soon in concert maybe near your home!!
Come and listen to our music :
  • On Saturday November 17th 2007, at l'Ampli, à PAU (64, FR)

  • On Saturday November 23rd 2008 at l'Hérétic, in BORDEAUX (33, FR)

And soon in ANGERS (dates soon to be confirmed online)

 FIRT REVIEW ONLINE - [2007-11-04]
  • A reviewer from the websiteMetal Archives has contacted Hidden in Eternity recently to write a review about our album On the Ninth Day. A great thanks toRuigeroeland for a professional and constructive review!!
    Every reviewer that would like to write another review about Hidden in Eternity can contact us using the so-named section.

  •  ANOTHER REVIEW! - [2008-01-28]
  • A new review of our album On The Ninth Day is available online in italian and french.
    For this time it's O-another-me, on her blog who wrote it. Thank you for this professional quality review! You can have a look at it HERE

  •  NEW WEBSITE! - [2008-02-23]
    As you can see, the new website is, at last, online tonight! It's the result of a big work and we hope it will enable each and everyone to discover or re-discover our band and our music. This version 2.0 should hopefully work on every general browser but enabling javascript on yours is a way to ensure a better web experience.
    If you notice some troubles, please report them to webmaster@hiddenineternity.com

     ITALIAN REVIEW - [2008-02-24]
    A new review (yet another one, so cool of them) of our album On the Ninth Day was published lately on the website Alone Music in both italian and french version! You can read it here!

     NEW DRUMMER! - [2008-05-11]
  • Following a series of problem with its former drummer, Hidden in Eternity had to look for a new one lately. Well the search is now over as a new drummer was recruited and is now being taught the bands songs. He will shortly join Hidden in Eternity for a next concert.

  •  NEW REVIEW! - [2008-07-30]
    A new review of the album "On The Ninth Day" is available on the french website Metal Impact. You can read it here if you're interested! Enjoy!

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